When It’s OK to Mix Texting & Driving

#homesafely…When you want them #homesafely!

This initiative is just awesome! The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in Australia has teamed up with Melbourne’s professional T20 Big Bash cricket teams to create the #Homesafely initiative, which spreads the word about safe driving so that citizens will be able to make it home to their loved ones.

For three weeks, Victorians can remind someone they know to drive #Homesafely, with a personalized, heartfelt message on one of 233,000 donated billboard ad spaces or with a recorded message played on the radio.

This technology allows caring friends and family to submit their message at the #Homesafely website and choose where and when their message will appear – at a time when their loved one is likely to be listening to the radio or at a time when they will be at a known intersection.

By joining with the T20 Big Bash Melbourne teams to launch the initiative, the TAC hopes to reach their young, male target during the cricket season and extend the reach to the many fans following the teams on Twitter.

After its first week, over 100,000 messages were displayed! WHAT A WINNER! This effort is certainly a great marriage of traditional PSA media and social media!

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