Saving Mother Earth for $1.00

Starbucks Recyclable CupLast month I wrote about Starbucks but it wasn’t exactly a glowing post, as their $450.00 gift card seemed like (and still seems like) a ridiculous and elitist idea.  This month though, I find myself applauding Starbucks and their environmental efforts with the introduction of a “semi-reusable” cup, for a mere $1.00.

For $1.00 consumers can get a washable and re-usable Starbucks cup with lid — looks just like their regular cups but it is plastic, BPA-free plastic at that.  The cups should last about 30 days or uses depending on how you wash it.  And, every time you bring the cup back in for a refill, you get 10¢ off your cup of joe, so it takes just 10 coffee purchases to pay back the whopping $1.00 investment.

This feels like such a simple and affordable way to support the betterment of our environment, hopefully Starbucks lovers will agree and pony up a $1.00 every month or so to make a small dent in the preservation of Mother Earth.  There is one tiny catch: apparently the plastic cup is recyclable, but not in all areas.  But all in all, a definite GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up of Flop) Winner!

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