W.T.F. Awards: 2012 Year In Review

With 2013 in full swing, and the full year of 2012 behind us, we at GWH thought it appropriate to do a review of our W.T.F. Awards that we handed out last year. Not familiar with our W.T.F.’s? Well, we can tell you we’re not talking about the expletive phrase, although there lies a pun in there somewhere…

W.T.F. stands for Winners, Toss-Ups, and Flops: Awards we bestow upon campaigns out there in the media that we deem one of these three based on its perceived success in talking to, addressing or motivating real people, not just creativity for its own sake.

So for your reading pleasure, below are a few of our fav Winners and Flops of 2012. We always say, start with the negative, and end with the positive…

Belvedere Vodka received one of the first Flop Awards of 2012 for their totally distasteful ad showing a man and woman engaged in not the most romantic act. Boy, was Belvedere proud at first: they posted it to Facebook and Twitter with fervor. But due to tremendous backlash, the ad was taken down from their social media by mid-afternoon. TOTAL FLOP!

In October, GWH gave a Flop Award to Restoration Hardware in our post, “Not So Green Green Efforts.” Along with their weighty 5-pound source book, came a flyer promoting “going green”, and being environmentally conscious. Whoops! If that’s your endeavor, maybe don’t promote it on an entire pine tree’s worth of paper?

Later that month, another Flop Award went out to Jello Pudding Snacks. This wasn’t the easiest Flop Award to give, because GWH Exec Karen Goyette Hoffman helped launch this brand back in the 80s during her time at General Foods. So when we saw their gratuitous “competitive eating” campaign, GWH couldn’t but exclaim a big, “Yech!”

Sure, it may get kids to run through pudding at a rapid pace. But Jello certainly fell short of launching a campaign full of creativity and innovation. C’mon Jello, the easy way out never really pays off, does it?

Now onto the winners. In February, we gave a big kudos to Andes beer for their campaign, “The Great Escape.” The concept? If you have an uanvoidable commitment you’re dreading, Andes Beer will come to the rescue. Take a watch..

Enough said. Sometimes airing on the side of humor, even though it’s not directly promoting the brand, is the right move to get people to do stuff.

A second Winner Award of 2012 went to Star Toilet Paper. Yes, toilet paper. In our post entitled, “Put my ad where?“, GWH got a total kick out of the idea to print ads on toilet paper! Because so would real people.

Bored in the can? Not anymore. Star Toilet Paper’s got you covered. As of our September post, there were over 50 advertisers involved, including Ben & Jerry’s. Just better hope they weren’t advertising lemon Italian ice or chocolate ice cream..

Finally, in November, Duracell received a HUGE WIN from GWH. When Hurricane Sandy hit the tri-state area hard in late October, a great deal of  New York City was left with no power. For days on end.

Duracell pulled a major “Clark Kent”, and Superman’d down to the scene with it’s 4×4 truck, “Rapid Responder”, to provide people with a way to charge their devices. They also handed out free batteries. Talk about responsive marketing! Well done to Duracell for seeing a consumer need, and meeting it on the spot. Literally.

So there you have it. In 2013, GWH plans to present many more W.T.F. Awards to the victors and duds of popular culture, as we see it. So stay tuned.

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