Play Me Some Delta Blues

Delta Baggage Fowl-upHave you heard about the $10,000 Gibson guitar mangled by Delta Airlines? In one of those strange coincidences that seem to happen to me regularly, I heard about it from a coworker on the very day that I was shipping my own guitar to St. Louis for some repair work (and having never had my 2o year-old $2,500 guitar out of my hands for even a day I was already suitably nervous). As if that wasn’t coincidence enough, I had lunch later that day (after having dropped my baby off at UPS) with a friend who just happens to be the drummer in the band of the aforementioned unfortunate guitarist, who also told me about the Delta fiasco. Weird.

Anyway, as sometimes happens, the story has a happy ending. Gibson guitars have given musician Dave Schneider a brand new 50th anniversary Es-335, and after some wrangling, Delta has agreed to pay for the repairs. So, if I have this right, he now has two Gibson Es 335s when he used to have 0ne. Without the power of social media (and perhaps the CNN video narrated by the annoyingly nasal Jeanne Moos) Mr. Schneider would no doubt still be on the phone with Delta Airlines.

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