Communication Skills From Kindergarten

The Pimsleur ApproachThink cartoons are for kids? Think again.

As I was perusing a vacation travel site the other night, I happened upon a promotion about The Pimsleur Approach, Simon & Schuster’s premier language learning program. Though rarely engaged by banner ads, what got my attention was the unusual cartoon-style of their informational video. And as I began watching it, I was amazed to see that the cartoons were actually being rendered concurrently as the narrator explained how the language program works. I found it mesmerizing to hear the next word spoken and to instantly see that very object being drawn—at warp speed no less.

What’s brilliant is that the creative style of the video is totally in keeping with the Pimsleur Approach itself, allowing you to absorb something new without any reading or writing required. (Really?)

As marketers, our goal is to get the consumer to want to listen to our story, whatever it takes. Guess this proves once again that pictures can speak a thousand words, even when drawn in crayon!

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