So What’s an Inch Among Friends?

Subway learned the hard way this week about brand promise. Seems like the footlong was caught short by an inch.

Subway was ousted when a consumer from Australia posted a photo on their Facebook page with a tape measurer depicting that their Subway sandwich was not a true foot asking “Subway, Pls. Respond”. 100,000 “likes” of the post later and Subway’s brand promise is badly tarnished. To add fuel to the fire, The New York Post conducted their own investigation and found that four out of seven footlong sandwiches were shy of the 12 inches that makes a foot.

Subway has been touting the footlong since 1965 and has been offering the $5 promotion since 2008.  Subway is chalking it up to the need for stricter product quality standards at their shops–but the damage is done.

With the onset of social media, the Subway shortfall quickly went viral. As such, brands today need to quickly and directly address any issues. Consumers increasingly are demanding honesty and radical transparency. Delivering on brand promise is a must.

Maybe we should head over to McDonald’s and measure the quarter pounder next.

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