Happy Birthday, Macca My Mate!

Macca’s turning 4o! Gonna go to the party? Probably not, but don’t feel left out. You’d have to hang out way down under to even know what Macca’s is. (Hint – kids of all ages and adults love it! Getting any warmer?)

McDonald's turns 40 in AustraliaMeet Macca’s — Australian slang for McDonald’s. In an unprecedented move, McDonald’s is going to celebrate its 40th birthday there on Sunday, January 26th,  by officially adapting its nickname in “Oz,” “Macca’s.” If this news make you Mickey D’s Diehards feel violated in any way or feeling like a part of you was, carelessly, tampered with, not to worry, the new name is only there for 1 month. After that, business as usual and it’ll be safe to visit again. Cheers mate!

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