Is Coca-Cola’s stance on obesity the Real Thing?

Coke recently revealed its latest ad campaign, tackling the “big” subject of obesity, calling it “The issue of this generation.” Coke says that they can play an important role in the fight against obesity, making the following positive changes:

• Out of 650 beverages, they now have 180 low- and no-calorie choices, resulting in a 22% reduction in calories per serving. And there are more to come.

• Smaller portion-controlled sizes in most of their popular drinks, driving for 90% nationwide penetration before the end of 2013.

• Adding calorie count to fronts of cans, not just the backs.

• Voluntarily changing beverages offered in schools to water, juices and primarily low- & no-calorie beverages, resulting in calorie reduction in schools by 90% since 2004.

• Joining forces with Boys & Girls Clubs of America supporting programs that enable kids to get active and start healthy habits earlier.

• A “New Thinking Approach” working with scientists and nutritionists on new low- or no- calorie natural sweetener options… and more.

“The push for these actions comes after the Center For Science in the Public Interest has been a vocal critic of Coke, linking its soft drinks to obesity and diabetes. In November, that organization worked with Alex Bogusky, former adman, who created ads for Coke, on “Real Bears,” which featured a polar bear family rejecting soda after they got obese and sick from drinking it.”

Whether you think it’s a good or bad idea, great progress or too little too late, sure seems to be better than doing nothing at all and a step in the right direction.



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