This Super Bowl, Doritos Leaves It Up To You…

Super Bowl XLVII is finally here. Football fans have their choice between the Ravens and the 49ers. But thanks to Doritos, they’ve also had their choice throughout the month of January to vote on which ads the famed snack brand will air during the big game.

Voting closed on January 29th, and as of today, the votes are still being counted. But GWH wants to know: which ad do you prefer, and why? The five finalists are below for your viewing pleasure. Leave your vote in the comments section at the bottom of the post.

There are more than a few brands this year, like years past, who are teasing their ads, or in some cases, releasing them in full on YouTube weeks before the game — like Doritos.

But is this the right move? As a consumer, do you miss the good ol’ days when you anticipated the ads, and actually waited until the big day to watch them? Or do you prefer the autonomy of watching the ads on your own time via social media?

When we posted these questions on our Facebook Page a few days ago, one of our Fans commented, “I love the teases, but don’t want to see the ads in advance. However, it’s a great way to get people who don’t watch the Super Bowl (yes, there are a few of those) to see ads they wouldn’t normally see.”

True story. One could argue that, as a marketer, it’s a smart way to attack a new market, and increase visibility.

It’s certainly a toss-up. In any case, GWH wishes all a happy Bowl viewing on Sunday.

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