How Many Days Till You Die?

Diesel watches is running a new campaign that queries “How many days do you have to live?” Asking some basic questions like age, gender, weight, health habits and some more provocative questions such as “What age did you lose your virginity?”, Diesel’s new facebook and mobile app calculates your life expectancy in number of days.

What does that have to do with buying their watches? Hmm…it seems like time is of the essence so we as consumers need to make the most of our days left on earth and Diesel is there to help us tick off time.

Their branding message while certainly arresting, leaves the consumer short as it does nothing beneficial or aspirational to help consumers make the most of their time–just a time tracker which is afterall what a watch does. Seems like they could have taken it one step further in creating greater engagement than just marking time. So you know how many days you have left, then what? How do you get consumers, once they take the test, keep coming back to the site for more?

By the way, I am going to live to be over 120 years of age by Diesel standards. Tick Tock.

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