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Heineken Crowdsourced Package DesignI’ve always drooled at the endless new bottle designs that the beverage industry introduces each year. From chic to organic, minimalistic to ultra dimensional. So cool.

So, when Heineken recently launched their second annual contest to design a new Limited Edition bottle, I had to check it out. What immediately impressed me was how well they provided for even the most novice designer to express their creativity. Even if you don’t know professional design programs, you can hand-draw your design and simply scan it. Once you upload your design, it gets instantly image-mapped onto a 3-dimensional bottle, which slowly rotates 360 degrees to give you a preview of what your final design would might look like if chosen. (They even give you the opportunity to browse through their archive of the past 140 years of bottle designs and encourage you to remix and reinterpret those images to your liking.)

Given the critical importance of packaging to a brand’s image and visibility, crowdsourcing design is a pretty gutsy move. But one that I think is really exciting. So to the Heineken team— a toast to you for your openness to invite any willing consumer into such a critical part of your brand. And most of all, giving them the chance to become part of Heineken’s history.

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