Stipple: Pinterest On Steroids?

Just in case you weren’t filling your time with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+, the gods of digital socializing have another medium for you to use. Readers, meet Stipple.

Stipple is a budding social media website that allows users to upload images, much in the same format as Pinterest, and then tag different parts of the image with information. A user clicks the dot on a picture of a sunset dinner on the beach, and perhaps a YouTube video of the dinner pops up, or maybe it’s a link on with the BBQ chicken recipe, or it shows the price of the tablecloth, and where to buy it. You get the idea.

The social media newbie hit mainstream news when pop star Justin Timberlake used it just recently to release the album cover and track list for his new record.

So is Stipple really that unique? The layout of the images is so similar to Pinterest. But perhaps the creators of Stipple saw a lack of depth to how users were using Pinterest – a lack of information, really. From this perspective, they’ve delivered something better.

Will this replace Pinterest, or will people use both? We’ll see.

While we applaud purely original ideas at GW Hoffman. But it doesn’t mean the ones that ¬†build off others aren’t good, or that they don’t provide a unique service. Stipple is one of those – it’s sort of like “Pinterest on steroids”; beefed up. But it could provide a new way for brands to tie-in e-commerce to an image they post.

Time will tell whether the audience grows enough for Stipple to become a success.

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