A Hunky Reminder.

The Rethink Breast Cancer foundation has come up with a “Your Man Reminder” app and video to remind women to perform self examinations on a regular basis.

The new app reminds women to check their breasts with a message from the hunk of their choice. Consumers can download the app and choose which man they want to deliver their reminders. Rethink Breast Cancer is aimed at younger women who often think they are not at risk since the stereotypical breast cancer patient is a middle aged women. With age-appropriate support and resources to younger women, Rethink Breast Cancer helps educate and promote breast cancer awareness, as well as provides support for younger patients with this affliction.

While it appears to be tongue in cheek with the scantily clad muscle men flexing about, I’m not sure how effective it is to get young women to actually perform the self exam. But with 4 million hits, it certainly is doing something right. What do you think?

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