That QR From Ipanema

I have been told to give up my fascination with QR Codes. That they are not catching on. Not effective. Yet I believe that the majority of marketing jamokes that jumped into the “new toy” marketing toolbox without an effective strategy or worthwhile execution simply gave people a bad taste instead of a reaffirming reason to “snap.” And that smarts and creativity can turn it around.

Well, apparently Rio de Janeiro is in my corner, too. In their new press to modernize tourism initiatives, more than 30 QRs were built into the pavement at beaches and historic sites as mosaics to reveal info, maps, history… in multiple languages!

They follow the leads set by hotels, airports and Tourism boards around the world, from London to Portugal, Spain to Italy, and Saudi Arabia. Universally accepted? Nope, not yet. But I think the more value they continue to provide the end user, the more we debug the technology, the greater interaction we’ll see.

I’m not giving up yet.

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