The Friendly Skies Again

United Airlines Great Customer ServiceThe airline business is certainly pretty competitive, with everyone’s goal of being “on time” one of THE biggest contributing factors — to not only customer satisfaction, but to employee performance ratings as well.  And getting out on time is followed closely by arriving on time (!)  But rarely, does an airline today seem to care much about compassion or consideration for their passengers — outside of being on time.

But recently, a San Francisco based passenger on United Airlines was en route to visit his dying mother in Lubbock, Texas, requiring a connection in Houston.  His first flight out of SF was delayed and jeopardized his connection, which, as it happened, was the last flight to Lubbock that day. As one might expect, the gentleman became quite distraught when he realized he might not make his connection.

The “so what?” The United crew on his delayed flight went into overdrive to help this passenger when he needed it the most.  The pilot radioed ahead and saw to it that the connecting flight was held for this gentleman so he could make it out to Lubbock that night.

So thank you United Airlines, for getting a passenger to his destination “on time” so he could see his mom one more time.  And thank you for bringing back compassion and consideration to customer service.

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