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Trader Joe's Taste TestI’ve always been a big fan of Trader Joe’s — unique and flavorful product offerings, fun and funky packaging, great prices, and last but not least, their festive, lo-tech, campy, store environment that always seems to put me in a good mood. As a retailer, I trusted their “brand.”

But I always wondered who was behind all those funky homespun products on their shelves?  Were they really cool, small, artisanal, “Trader Joe-like” companies as they seemed to be? Well, The Huffington Post just set it straight.

Recently launching the “Trader Joe’s Brands: Revealing The Name Brands Behind TJ’s, Round 2”, I got a quick glimpse of some of the big names who “allegedly” manufacture some of TJ’s most popular items. Set up as a series of product comparisons, the mini slide show compared pricing, taste, ingredients, and overall impression.

For pricing, I knew TJ’s almost always beat the name brand items, but I was happy to learn that they’re often less than half the price of their parent brands. And for the majority of the products, they fared equal in taste and quality, with some even beating out their more expensive siblings.

So thanks to the Huffington Post, I feel even better about my long-time Trader Joe’s patronage. But not so sure how “The Big Boys” manufacturing these sibling products are going to feel. Hope things don’t change now that the cat is out of the bag!

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