Jaguar, The Copy Cat

The latest TV spot for a sexy Jag F-Type is here, featuring, equally sexy, Damian Lewis behind the wheel. You, probably, know him from the popular Showtime series the Homeland.
Another great screen name is also behind the camera— Sir Ridley Scott. Can’t go wrong with this crew… right? Well, Sir Ridley happened to be behind another automotive production around 2001. Remember the famously awesome BMW films? He produced some of them back then, too. Those films were a great success and also very effective for BMW.

So fast-forward 12 years. Switch Clive Owen (the BMW driver) with Damian Lewis (a newer British-speaking actor), replace BMW with Jaguar and we get the new commercial for Jaguar F-TYPE. Seriously? Same concept, similar filming techniques and effects. Does it mean the end of creativity for the upscale automotive brands? Come on, Jag.

Or, is it as they say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em?”





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