Best. Promo. Ever.

When satire is aimed with perfect accuracy at the right target, it can obliterate it in such a way that the target will never be the same again. Last summer’s horror film/homage/desconstruction The Cabin In The Woods took the horror genre apart so well that it not only satisfied horror fans, it came close to rendering anything else in that genre unwatchable from then on.

A new promo for comedian Louis CK’s upcoming HBO special¬†does just about the same thing for video promos. Louis has made quite a name for himself lately, and at the heart of his comedic style lies some brutal honesty. So, how could he be content with letting HBO promote him like any other act? He can’t of course, and god bless him for it.

Artifice and hype seem to be ¬†becoming anachronistic tools of a well-forgotten past. But that makes me wonder: is not using any “tricks” or “hype” just another tricky way to hype something? Whatever the case, you may want to check out his special. This guy is hysterically funny.

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