Lessons in Logos

Team LogosThe Miami Dolphins are about to unveil their new team logo, and since I am not a fan of the team, I am not sure why I care. But I do. As recently as last season, watching Miami play my NY Jets I thought, “Isn’t it nice that they still have a goofy logo of a dolphin wearing a football helmet?” I mean, it’s so silly and old-fashioned, you could easily imagine graphic designers were furiously sketching new ideas, trying to make it look hipper. Or meaner. Or, something less fantastical than a dolphin in a helmet.

Alas, that day is here. While not a bad logo in any specific way, it’s just…eh. He (or is it she?) is leaping, and contemporary, and slick. But without a helmet, or a football under his flipper (just a suggestion) how do we know he’s playing football? Now, my own teams have their own problems (aside from their records last season). The NY Jets are, well…jets. What do you do with that? And the Mets? What’s a met? You can put a giant baseball head on a regular-sized player and call it a mascot (and they do), but logo-wise we’re pretty much stuck with the word “Mets” and maybe a skyline of Manhattan (you know, because it’s “METropolitan”).

Speaking of another team who’s logo I am more fond of than the team itself (because they so often beat The Mets), I am also dreading the day that the St. Louis Cardinals update their logo. It’s a cardinal. Perched on a bat. It’s adorable! He’s not swinging a bat and gritting his beak, his feathery biceps bulging (although they tried that in the past)…he’s just sitting there, calmly looking at you as if he’s expecting you to say “Shoo! Get off my bat you silly bird!” I love it, but I am guessing, not for long.

So see, logos DO communicate to the adoring (or not) public. How many others out there aren’t giving them their full attention either??



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