Good Friends Make Good Viral Videos


Is a true friend truly hard to find? That’s at least what Carlsberg Beer set out to prove in their latest video campaign. The set-up: A staged scenario of a late night card game leaves a guy supposedly in danger of his life unless a couple of his close friends get up in the middle of the night to come bail him out with cash in hand.

The video takes us through the friends’ journey through the anticipated seedy part of town, clearly risking their own personal safety to make their way through a building filled with strange characters and bizarre activities that would make any fair-weathered friend run for the door. But once they make it into the poker game room, we get the reveal and they get the applause for being a great friend.

So I then had to ask myself how this video has already gotten 1.5 million views in just a couple days. And I think the answer is quite simple — they didn’t try to sell anyone a product. Nor did they jump right out with bold packaging imagery or graphics. Rather — they engaged the viewer in the moment, allowing them to take this short journey, which reached them not on a surface level, but on emotional level—allowing the viewer to experience the adventure “firsthand.”

It’s only after the surprise ending is revealed, does the brand come in. And even then, it’s more about the act of true friendship than the product. And that I believe is something indeed worth toasting!

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