Get a Lyfe

LYFE KitchenYes, it is true, as a society we have a weight problem. But it is unlikely that forbidding us from buying a large sugary soda is really going to effectively change anything.
Eating unhealthy foods, in large amounts, has become excessively easy and incredibly affordable. The same doesn’t really hold true for eating healthy foods, especially when you are looking for something fast, easy and cheap.

Enter Lyfe Kitchen. Lyfe (an acronym for Love Your Food Everyday) Kitchen is a new restaurant concept ironically started by two former McDonald’s execs. Lyfe Kitchen features a menu of items all less than 600 calories, all relatively affordable and ready in just minutes.

While Lyfe Kitchen is still only a concept restaurant I hope it proves to be a success, as it could be just a small step in making healthy eating easier, faster, and more affordable for all — something everyone could benefit from, much more so than silly bans on slurpees.

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