I Downloaded It for The Articles… Honest.

Playboy MobileI know it’s fashionable to have an app. Every product, service and brand is supposed to jump on the mobile bandwagon because, well, it’s so hot, and having your own app is just the hottest of the hot.  So call me old-fashioned if I want to understand what a brand plans to do with its mobile strategy or why a consumer would find ongoing utility in an app before I applaud.

Well, can’t believe I am writing this, but I think Playboy has really found its home in mobile. Launching a new iPhone app, Playboy is trying to engage a new generation of “readers” through instant access to (primarily) proprietary mobile content — girls, travel, girls, clothing, girls, food, girls, cars and girls. A virtual celebration of and access to the Playboy “lifestyle,”  now being called the “artisanal good life.”

Think about it — Playboy on demand. No hiding it under your covers or in your top drawer. No having to wait till you get home. Access when the mood strikes you (to read an article.) Claiming to post no nudity, I am sure, right from its initial video from Miss February 2011, Kylie Johnson, it will be a most popular source of … articles.

Actually gets a GWHoffman W.T.F.(Winner, Toss-Up of Flop) Award WINNER designation, for making a brand and its product line even more relevant to a new generation of users through value added content and technology. Now where do they put the bunny tail on your iPhone?

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