My Workaholic Dream Come True

Yes, I work non-stop. At the office, but also at home, on vacation (where I am now), and yes, even (especially) in my car. With a ridiculously frustrating up to 2 hr commute each way (for 17 hwy miles!) to the office every day, and clients spread up and down the I-95 Corridor in the Metro-NY Tri-State area and throughout New England, I indeed need to utilize “car time.” (No, I do not text while driving — tho do admit to doing so while stopped at a dead standstill in raging, unexplained traffic.)

So, this latest partnership between Audi and T-Mobile to bring Wireless Data Service to the car at a reasonable rate ($15/mo!) is like a dream come true for me!! No battery wear-out, up to 8 devices (for the times when I travel with co-workers)… oh it is just heaven to me. Oh yeah, and the map feature would be exceptionally cool when I am too focused on a phone call and pull off the wrong exit traveling to meetings.

Have bought the same brand of car for my last 3. In another year when my lease is up, this would definitely make me consider an Audi. Please, oh please let this catch on. Please?


President, GW Hoffman Mobile Unit



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