More Things Like This, Please.


National Record Store Day (April 20th) celebrates the few remaining independent record stores left around the world. With a focus on vinyl records, it’s a day to celebrate all that so many of us miss about buying records, CDs, and tapes in a friendly brick-and-mortar where the people actually seem to care about music. Many artists and labels produce limited-edition albums and singles just for this day.

This year’s ambassador, Jack White of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs, has his own record label and shop in Nashville, and I absolutely have to get there so that I can record my own little 45 in this fantastic little retro booth. Okay, I am a bit of a throwback, I realize that.

Though I don’t see these booths popping up all over the country, this reminds me that, whether you are marketing through social media, print, television, or what-have-you, consumers respond when you give them something that they didn’t have before. Information, emotion, value; or a little 45 rpm record that they just made themselves.

I am lucky that in the little town of Darien, CT, we have our own little record store, Johnny’s. In business since 1975, I go there regularly, and if I can manage to squeeze in past the crowds, I will be there.

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