I’m Lovin’ It – Counting Calories at the Golden Arches.

IMG_0201I haven’t been to a Mc Donald’s in a really long time, arguably since my kids required Happy Meals for the chicken nuggets and of course, the toy. ┬áThat was a really, really long time ago. So when I found myself in the need of wifi and a coffee on a business trip, I stopped into the golden arches.

What I did know was that McDonald’s is now required to give calorie counts as part of the federal health care bill, in which restaurant chains with more than 20 locations are mandated to post calories in their stores. What I didn’t know or expect is how McDonald’s not only posts the calories but have turned this into a marketing campaign showing how they might just be a “healthy” choice for fast food–making lemonade out of lemons!

The calorie counts are loud and proud at McDonald’s and everywhere–right on the menu board, on the tray liners, BIG poster displays in the window and a list of meals you can get under 400 calories and below. ┬áMove over Subway. McDonald’s is positioning themselves as a healthy fast food choice.

While I’m not sure they are attracting the healthy holistic eaters or solving childhood obesity, this new strategy to put all the calorie counts out there, well, I’m Lovin’ It.




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