Kool Aid Man- Still Rocking It at 59

Kool-Aid Man and I go back a long way. He was one one of my first BIG BRAND assignments more decades ago than I want to admit to. I worked to launch the first Kool- Aid Man Comic Book series, created the first Kool-Aid Man Catalog of merchandise, and helped turn it into the first Kool-Aid Man Wacky Warehouse! I was even part of the team to first put Kool-Aid Man in clothes! Crazy thinking at the time (see, I was trouble back then, too), but it’s how I learned to believe that pushing through to “what’s next” yet staying true to brand character, could work!

So it is so exciting for me today, to see that the dude is still rockin’! In honor of the launch of his new squirtable liquid form, new CGI technology is making him more alive, more relevant and has given him a new contemporary sense of humor. (Though he always was a funny guy.) This month, he will even get his own app and ability to photobomb! Can’t wait to see it all… but had to weigh in and say “Oh Yeah!” to the power of understanding and respecting Branding, Brand Character and the best marriage of today’s technology with the past that I’ve sen in a long time. Kudos Kraft! Mondolez has got nothing on you!

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