Post Doomsday Dining.

Food Insurance productsFor years, I’ve always thought that anything having to do with doomsday preparedness was a bunch of hogwash, and for much of it, (although today’s world news headlines are far from optimistic), I still feel somewhat the same way. Perhaps it’s because of the overly–viewed black & white images of cold war gas masks, radioactivity detectors and underground bunkers that all still feel a bit silly to me.

But when I heard a recent radio spot for food insurance—yes, you heard it right—food insurance, I thought, “Oh, please—what kind of scam is this?” Yet as I listened, I found that it actually wasn’t over-hyped and it didn’t use the sensationalized fear tactics I was anticipating, but rather it sounded pretty calm, informative and, and surprisingly logical. Reason being, it pointed out that most consumers believe in the value of standard insurance products, i.e., home, auto, medical and life, but none of these address our most basic needs: food and water.

I then browsed their website and found it provided lots of useful info, including the benefits of freeze-dried food from both a nutritional and taste POV. They also offered plans that provide anywhere from 2 weeks of provisions to up to 2 years worth. You determine your needs based on your family size along with what you feel will give you the most peace of mind.

Now I wouldn’t call myself an overnight convert, but it does make me wonder if the single case of Evian and the dozen or so assorted cans of beans, corn and cling peaches will sustain my family for a prolonged doomsday. Pretty doubtful, I’m sure. So for the ability to change consumer behavior, or at least to get us to think about changing it to address our most essential needs, I give Foodinsurance.coman an honest endorsement. Now if they only offered a freeze-dried version of Wendy’s Asiago Ranch Chicken Club sandwich :).

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