Bad Timing. Really Bad.

Austrian Air Bad PlacementAustrian Air probably thought their pre-roll on CNN video was a splendid idea, reaching their target audience so efficiently. Trouble is, their ad played right before a video of the 747 Cargo plane crash at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

It is kind of hard to get excited about traveling on any airplane, regardless of how wonderful their in-flight service might be, when less than a minute later I am watching a jumbo jet fall right from the sky, belly flop, and then explode into a massive fireball, killing everyone on board.

Somehow I would have thought someone would have pulled or re-sequenced an airline advertisement away from a story and video about a horrible plane crash? Isn’t one of the benefits of the internet the ability to respond to things much quicker?  As it stands, I have no recollection of the Austrian Air ad, just the association with the plane crash.  Not really what they intended or hoped for I am sure.

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