A New Low For Bad Taste in Advertising

Hyundai ad pulledI actually hesitated to continue to give any more press to this “advertising.” But had to, because there are more people to blame than the obvious.

So, Hyundai is the latest company being criticized for offensive advertising efforts with the release of their online ad mocking suicide. Hyundai’s European unit posted the ad recently and has faced the kind of universal outcry that results in an immediate pulling of the ad.

In the ad, a gentleman is seen in his car inside the garage attempting to commit suicide by running a hose from the tail pipe into the car. At the end he is forced to give up on his efforts, due to Hyundai’s 100% water emissions. Sure. Great benefit advertising.

But here’s the thing. In an industry where trying to get creative approved can be like trying to pass a resolution in Congress, we all run into multiple layers of people along the way (from brand managers to R&D folks to lawyers among many more) weighing in with their points of view.

So my question is:  HOW did the ad pass by everyone and not one person stepped up to prevent the insensitivity of this spot? That, in my opinion, is the most perplexing part of this controversy.

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