Real Time Tourist Raves

Suggestme.comHaving just returned from a vacation in The Netherlands, I was not surprised to see yet another spot-on *people-centric* innovation from the Dutch. (Same folks who not only figured out how to reclaim acres and acres of land that they desperately needed from the sea years ago… but today created a way to book last minute travel when the weather is good and eco-friendly bikes that can be assembled at home!)

Now they are tackling those outdated Guide Books and Internet sites by crowdsourcing suggestions of things to do and places to go, in real time through social platforms. Suggestme, currently in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Barcelona, and (ta da) New York, lets visitors search by keyword (outdoor cafe, for me!), top trends, whatever.

Wish I’d known about this when I was there. Maybe I could have saved some folks a few euro to not see Kuekenhof Gardens when no tulips were in bloom!

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