Can Don’t?

New Budweiser CanHow perfect given we are facing the start of summer, and a highly unofficial beer-drinking season! Starting May 6th, Budweiser was available in a new “Bow-Tie-Shaped” can. Harkening back to their iconic bow tie logo, it looks kind of cute to me. I’m regularly a Heineken drinker myself, and when they introduced their little “keg-can” a few years ago, I liked it. It had a nice shape, was easy to hold, and looked kind of cool to me. I would assume that regular Bud drinkers may feel the same way about the Bow Tie can.


The new can, being a different shape than a cylinder (and requiring a new manufacturing process) is going to hold less beer than before, 11.3 ounces as opposed to twelve. Budweiser is apparently countering that by offering the new can in an 8-pack, rather than a 6-pack (allow me to do the math: 90.4 ounces of beer in a bow tie 8-pack vs. 72 ounces in the old 6-pack). If Bud keeps the prices the same, a win for Bud drinkers. However, looking at Facebook comments right now, it would appear that consumers are skeptical: “Not impressed to get less beer in a funky shaped can that will probably NOT fit or stay well in the summertime coolie cup holders. Bad idea.” Well.

Kudos to Bud for keeping such negative comments on their own website, I am curious to see how this goes over the summer… Happy Memorial Day!

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