The Biggest Little Open House

Target Dollhouse_croppedDuring a recent trip to NYC, and my usual trek through Grand Central Station, I was delightfully distracted from my head-down-push-through-the-masses mission, by what appeared to be a giant dollhouse, plopped smack dab in the front lobby. As I got a closer look, I was soon greeted by one of several perky ambassadors of the Threshold Dollhouse.

Threshold, the new home furnishings and accessories line by Target, was being showcased throughout a life-sized house, featuring fully-furnished rooms to give you a real feel for how their items might look in your own home. Each room had a “Dollhouse Rep”, eager to answer any questions. But if you preferred to browse on your own, every counter space had a description card with QR codes for additional product info. And the dollhouse structure itself was a brilliant idea, as the open floor plan made for the perfect way to peruse from room to room.

Had the launch of this product line only taken place in Target’s conventional store environment, I’d maybe give a quick glance down an aisle at most. But here, I couldn’t resist the lure of the intimate, casually decorated rooms, contrasted against the backdrop of the busiest urban transit hub in the world.

So I’ve gotta say — if you can go big, this is one way to do it. Truly one of the coolest consumer experiences I’ve had in quite a while!

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