Refreshingly New Playfulness from 7up

So called “guerrilla marketing” is often big on sizzle and small on substance. Usually, tries to get attention just to get it, the heck with branding and equity and all that old-school B-school BS. Well not this time. Bravo 7-Up!! You get an A! Found a way to take an almost-heading-to fuddy-duddy status “old” brand and make it … well, refreshing!

Enter the “Melting Machine” — a giant ice sculpture of chilled 7-up — free for the taking. Yup, that’s right. (And who can resist FREE?) As the ice that was used to create the machine melts, thirsty folks are invited to grab a free 7-Up for their drinking pleasure. But even better, the fans of the bubbly soft drink were asked to post their guess on Twitter as to when the last can would be set free from its icy confines. The prize? More free 7-Up.

Engaging. Contemporary. Sampling at its best. Pretty Cool! (Pun intended.)

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