What exactly have you been smoking?

One of the coolest whistle blowers on the planet has to be the thetruth.com. After flipping channels the other night, I was left aghast by their latest TV spot where a small crowd gathers around a kiosk in New York City.

One bystander reads a sign — “Which is the uglier fact: That METHANE is found in dog poop and cigarette smoke? Or that UREA is in cat pee and also found in cigarettes?” HUH?

The camera then pans up to a huge stuffed animal/dog sitting on top of a clear plastic cylinder. A participant votes for this choice and the *dog* poops into the cylinder, with all of the raw grossness you’d expect, including amplified sound effects. As another participant chooses the “cat” option, a giant stuffed cat pees down yet another cylinder with an equally vile sound and visual.

Pretty gross? Absolutely. But not because of its pure shock value — more because it points out the ugly truth IN SPADES of how big tobacco’s been deceiving the public for years about what ingredients go into a typical pack of cigarettes.

And what makes this demo even more effective is how the name of their organization, “The Truth,”  is directly ingrained into the concept, making it strikingly memorable, and better yet — highly campaignable.

I’ll now eagerly await their next public message with open arms and —perhaps with a fashionable clothespin for my nose.

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