Tweeting Redefined! Really?

Fogg Wired PigeonsNow this is really pushing the limits! Fogg, a Swedish mobile company, is going on a wing and a prayer (literally) to prove the power of its data roaming services, with a campaign called “Tweet Beyond Borders. “  Fogg released four real, live, trackable pigeons from Malmö, Sweden. Each pigeon is equipped with a special SIM card “backpack” that is electronically enabled to tweet as the birds fly across Europe. (No, seriously.)

The Fogg website encourages customers to choose one of four pigeons to send their tweets across borders of Denmark, Germany, Belgium or Holland. All 4 Pigeons can be followed on Twitter:

Hans (

Wilma (

Engelina (

Jean-Claude (

The goal of the campaign is to prove the reliability of Fogg’s new affordable, flat rate data card to global internet users. Now, only time will tell if this stunt ends up a Winner or a Flop. My opinion, while it’s clever…I’m not so sure on this one. Fogg may have taken themselves too literally. Maybe the idea was just TOO out there? Maybe they should have stepped back and taken a look from a bird’s eye view…

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