Big Wheels Keep On Turning with Citibike.

When visiting NYC recently, I was seeing those fun looking blazing blue Citibikes everywhere. They seemed to be so calm in a sea of endless traffic, bobbing and weaving with momentum while those of us in cabs and cars stood still. Citibike’s website claims over 1.0 million miles traveled in less than one month since the program began.

If you haven’t heard, Citibike is New York City’s new bike sharing system. Citibank paid $41 million dollars to be the lead sponsor for the next 5 years with great branding right down to the name and color.

Just how effective are those Citibikes? To answer that question, filmmaker Casey Neistat has turned a more analytical eye towards the program to quantitatively access (well in his quantifiable terms) what he calls “the pain in the ass factor” of commuting to work in New York City. While I won’t give away how he rates the new program, his very funny take is well done and will certainly get your big wheels turning. Ride on!

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