A Daily Deal Like No Other.


Earlier this summer, an employee of Groupon, Bobby Cann, was commuting home on his bicycle, only to be killed by a drunken driver.  In honor of their fallen colleague, Groupon turned to what they know best and launched a Daily Deal— offering people the chance to make a $10 donation to the Active Transportation Alliance group to help fund the expansion of protective bicycle lanes in Chicago.  Within 24 hours of going live, a donor pledged to match the first $10,000 raised.

Knowing how passionate Bobby was about cycling and the ever growing number of cyclists in Chicago, Groupon came up with a great way to honor their friend and help improve the safety of all cyclists here in the city with additional bike lanes.

Given that there was this tragic loss of life it feels a bit odd to claim this as a W.T.F. Winner but surely it was.

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