The Big Wendy’s Logo Caper

Wendy'sIs this really what takes up our news media? Wendy’s being accused of  hiding subliminal messaging in their new revamped logo? I laughed when I first heard about it, but then after reading an Huffington Post article  that showed a close up of the alleged subliminal word “mom” in the girl’s ruffled collar, it had me curious too. (OK, and maybe I did have some time on my hands.) But as a student of design, I decided to look to see if there were any valid points.

So for one, it’s well known that Wendy’s has been trying to reinvent itself since the passing of its founder, Dave Thomas in 2008. And studies have also shown that most prefer their mom’s cooking. So would associating their brand with mom’s home cooking strongly suggest their food is healthier? … On the flip side, I have to say “Come on — really look at that logo. Can anyone honestly tell me the word Mom is really visible, even when you’re looking for it?” I agree it isn’t.

Unbelievably, supposedly “the jury” (what jury?) is out on this one.  But if indeed there was intent to hide a secret word, it’s likely done more harm than good by now, as it’s already drawn enough speculation to tarnish their reputation.

So now what?  Conspiracy theorists turn a burger bag upside down to discover yet a second secret word — “wow?”

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