The Final Frontier?

Japanese Thigh AdvertisingHats off to our Japanese counterparts in the ad business! Facing an eventual inevitability of running out of places for advertising and promotional messages (that includes the back side of toilet paper), they have arrived at the final (hopefully) frontier by tapping the better half of human race — women. Apparently, millions of ladies were being wasted and neglected (not to mention centuries of abuse and oppression!) by not “wearing” messages on their bodies!!!! Check it out… for $121 US per day, advertisers can stick a colorful ad on women’s thighs that will be viewed by thousands of healthy, sex-obsessed males in key markets. I can only imagine what media buying specs will look like when this trend blossoms! Would there be a diagram of woman’s body, sectioned by pricing and visibility criteria? And what would be the most prized spot? Would ladies of larger sizes demand higher rates? The new and final frontier is here to explore.

P.S. could toddlers sport baby food ads under diapers? Just saying…



Source: The Huffington Post 7/23/2013

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