Station to Station- Art Travels!

Station To Station: A Nomadic Happening from Station to Station on Vimeo.

Wow! Leave it to Virgin Atlantic to be on the edge of something new and creative! They’ve managed to take a cargo train and transform it into a traveling art show/ gallery, including dance, music, food and many other interactive experiences. It will connect leading figures with what they are calling “Underground Creators” nationwide for an awesome interactive experience.

The on-the-go show is called: Station to Station and is also sponsored by Levis’. The train starts heading across country from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific, stopping at 9 cities.  “Activating the cultural landscape, Station to Station will connect artists, musicians, and creative pioneers. For a short time, the most interesting place in the country will be a moving target.” Station to Station will raise money through ticket sales and donations. Its mission— support of non-traditional programming at seven partner museums around the country.

I think it’s an exciting and wonderful idea, certainly a new way to view and market a wide range of art and artists around our great country. Let’s hope the word really spreads that this is coming. Hate to miss the train!

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