Haagen Dazs Really Sings with AR

Haagen Dazs Augmented RealityWhen a technology is still emerging, often the Early Adopters rush to simply be first (and show how cool they are, in my book) before really thinking through how use use the technology to engage people in their brand or cause. Well kudos to Haagen Dazs “Concerto Timer” augmented reality app!! They really got it right.

Appears that Haagen Dazs products are best when allowed to “temper” for 2 minutes after leaving the freezer. (Who knew?) So to pass this time, they created an app that, when you scan the lid with your smartphone, it appears to play a virtual violin performance of Bach! Add a pint, add the music of a cellist! Symphony done in precisely 2 minutes, and ice cream is perfectly primed for eating. (And of course, they layered in a $5 per download donation to keep valuable near-extinction, critical-to-our-food-supply, honey bees alive (!) as well as social sharability.)

While I am sure it took massive amounts of smarts and creativity to think of this and bring it to life, in the end, it is so simple and engaging, it’s just perfect. (Making it look simply intuitive is where the real genius comes in.) I give them a GWH W.T.F. (Winner, Toss-Up, or Flop) Award WINNER call-out for this one!!

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