Simplicity Trumps Technology

South Korean Here CampaignWith all of the complex technologies running our lives today, this simple solution for helping motorists find empty parking spaces in South Korea struck me as a terrific lesson in the less-is-more philosophy.

Developed by an ad agency for their ecologically minded oil-company client (to help drivers use less gas  roaming around trying to find increasingly scarce parking spots), a simple yellow balloon is tethered to each space. When a car pulls in, it forces the balloon down and out of sight. In reverse, when the car pulls out, the balloon rises and identifies the open space. Dubbed the Here Campaign, it was successful right off the bat — reported that over 700 cars saved 23 liters of oil in a single day!

Low tech, simple, creative and effective. Gee — thought those an extinct combination of traits. Need to remind myself that they aren’t more often.

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