Is Pinterest the new Catalogue?

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J.Crew just launched their new Fall catalogue entirely on Pinterest, being the first clothing brand to do so. J.Crew decided to debut their fall line not using the tried and true traditional paper catalogue route, but chose to directly engage their some 67,000+ followers on Pinterest. J.Crew isn’t the only apparel brand to choose social media over more traditional channels to introduce its lineup this fall: Late last month, Oscar de la Renta premiered its fall campaign via Instagram.

Social mediums offer highly visual brands, like clothing manufacturers, more ways to depict their offerings while importantly, being able to better engage and measure engagement versus the more traditional direct mail catalogue or via launching in multiple pages of print magazines.

With  Pinterest, J.Crew capitalizes on several important aspects:

1. Creates more engagement and is a more active medium than a catalogue  as consumers can actively share their favorites and repin on their own boards.

2. Allows J.Crew to better understand what will be hot (or not) quickly judging by the flurry of repin activity for one item over another. This helps gauge the emotional reaction, rather than just clicks on their website.

3. It is more cost efficient and more environmentally friendly. Not only are they saving trees, but they are saving money via printing costs. Additionally, by being able to understand trends via repins, they can ensure inventory levels of fast moving items are in the right place at the right time–again a money saver.

Bravo to J.Crew for capitalizing on what Pinterest does best and creating a visual catalogue that provides greater marketing insight with a more efficient marketing tool.


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