Whole new kind of Traveling Salesman

Genius Pack SuitcaseToday, seems like there’s a new form of fancy advertising being touted every day. But for me, good old-fashioned “word of mouth” works best. Learning about a product from someone with real credibility is the best way for me to make a purchase decision.

So on a recent business trip to LA, I had an experience at the airport that I found pretty fascinating.  While waiting for my flight, there was a Road Warrior-type going through his carry-on baggage near our gate (think George Clooney from the movie Up In The Air). This guy clearly knew his way around an airport and seemed to have the best products to make his life on the road easier.  Several of us couldn’t help but notice the cool features on his bag.  In particular, a phone charger that was stored in the bag intrigued me!  No waiting for a grungy airport outlet for this guy!

A woman sitting nearby began asking him about his luggage, and before long, Road Warrior was telling her all about how this “bag that has changed my life on the road.” Within a minute, several others (myself included) were asking him all about the features of this amazing bag.  Turns out that HE had seen another traveler at an airport weeks before, who also had the bag, and HE had asked the same questions we were asking him.

So, we ended up getting a nice product demonstration on the Genius Pack! And boy could this bag do it all — a compartment that compresses your clothing by expelling air. An exterior laundry chute for dirty clothes. AND the aforementioned phone charger! Within minutes, Mr. Road Warrior had convinced  5 of us that we NEEDED to have this bag.

Doesn’t get more motivating than that! …and I know what I’ll be putting on my holiday list in a few months!

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