Awwwwsome Spot.

It seems so simple (even if slightly arbitrary) to find something in your corporate name to play off of in your marketing. A recent campaign for Petco┬« lets the “Pet” part of it’s name sit and stay, while the “co” does all the hard work. And it works.

From “Companions” to “Cohabitants” to “Copilots,” the supporting footage does a great job of leading the concept to their service mark, “The power of together”. With a mix of canine, feline, reptilian and avian (is that a word?) scenes, I get the message that Petco caters to all kinds of animal lovers. And let’s face it, any footage of a soldier with a dog is going to bring a tear to your eye.

We’ve been involved recently with some dog adoption events, and Petco has been a wonderful host for them, so I’m more than happy to give them a thumbs-up for this touching campaign.

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