Volvo’s Hampster Put to The Test


Maybe Volvo thought that if Kia could have a raging success with a rodent, so could they? Or maybe they wanted to shake their image as a safe/boring auto maker that had “stuck” with them for decades? But here’s the latest ad for their truck division. Expect to learn how powerful and versatile this magnificent machine is? Not exactly. However, you will be treated to a hamster-chasing-the carrot-on-steering-wheel driving up a narrow dirt road. Why? It was suppose to demonstrate Volvo’s Dynamic Steering, that’s why. What does it mean? Hmm, does it always require a hamster? Also, would a monkey be able to steer it? Huh? Perhaps the next ad will address all this questions?

Like we’ve said before, creative people do weird things. This is one of them.

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