Saving The Drive-In

Okay, when’s the last time you were at a drive-in movie? Even if it was just this past summer, it might be the last time ever. That is, unless Honda’s Project Drive-In has something to say about it. There are only 368 Drive-In theaters left in America, and after 2013, those that can’t afford the roughly $80, 000 it will cost to upgrade to digital projectors will no longer be able to show current Hollywood releases.

Project Drive-In is trying to save at least 5 of those American Icons, by donating the funds needed to those theaters that get the most on-line votes, as well as through direct contributions. It’s a fun promotion that both raises awareness of a vanishing part of America, while forging a direct and obvious link between a favorite auto-related pastime and a well-known car company.

My favorite drive-in, the Wellfleet Drive-In on Cape Cod has already made the conversion to digital (congratulations to them) so my vote went to a little theater in Connecticut that I’ve never been to, but it sure looks sweet!

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