Customer Still King.

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 1.00.13 PMImagine a hotel that has so many effusively glowing reviews that it actually has jumped in rankings to the #1 spot in TripAdvisor’s review algorithm– for the country it resides in AND is ranked in the top 25 hotels in the World. Is it a large, world class renowned 5-star hotel?

Nope. It is renowned but it is a small, less than 50-room hotel in Riccione, Italy, called the Belvedere Bike Hotel. So how does a small hotel, not in the hub-bub of a BIG, well traveled city rank up there with the BIG 5-star hotel properties?

For the Belvedere Bike Hotel, word of mouth–both traditional and digital, through reviews such as TripAdvisor are so powerful that the hotel is continually booked with many repeat customers who come back year after year for the fabulous cycling. In fact, the over 800 consumer reviews are so over the top that many get flagged by TripAdvisor for manual review to check to ensure they are not fraudulent. (They are not.)

How do they do it? Continual superb customer service including a warm and friendly staff who establish a feeling of camaraderie. As one reviewer puts it:

“We were so impressed with the Belvedere last year, that we returned again this year with three other couples in tow. When you first enter the reception area, you are greeted with smiles and great enthusiasm. That doesn’t stop until the day that you leave. “

And another repeat customer:

“This was our second visit to Riccione and hotel Belvedere… You feel like meeting old friends when you arrive at the hotel and Anna welcomes you. The service is excellent and Marina, the owner, is at the hotel constantly to look after her guests and ensure that all her guests are having a nice time. Food is good and Marina even hosted a picnic for the hotel guests at her country house.”

Continually delighting your customers is king. And in today’s digital world, they pay it forward. Reality Check? Back to basics with good old fashioned customer service pays off. Kudos to the Belvedere Bike Hotel for its well deserved ranking and competing with the BIG boys.

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