The Italian Job.

pavan toolsI am in the middle of a small weekend remodeling project. As I got tired, my Mac came in handy for some rest and recharging (what else is there?).

Somehow, I end up on Google search results page for an, unkown to me, Italian tool company’s product photo (this is your cue to check out the attached photo). See anything that doesn’t contribute to the tool’s purpose and usage? I think, I did. OK, we know that a sexy tool calendar’s as necessary at your corner service station as a set of new Snap-on tools, but having an erotic model right on the front of plastering trowel?? How irresistible she makes this tool! And with the killer message “I want you” in 2 languages, who could refuse the offer? Must be an “Italian” thing. :) I did order the trowel, however.

P.S. Nope, it’s not a Berlusconi-owned company.

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