Earthquake in An Elevator.

Earthquake buttonI am in San Diego on business and I am traveling in the elevator up to my room in the hotel when I noticed a button that I don’t typically see on elevators coming from the East coast. It’s a button clearly marked EARTHQUAKE.

So I am wondering what will happen if I push the button marked EARTHQUAKE? Does an instant earthquake happen in the elevator, like a ride in Disneyland?

When googling it, here is what I found:

In many areas where earthquakes are prevalent, elevators are equipped with an earthquake button. When pressed during an earthquake, the elevator is immediately sent to the nearest floor and the doors open up. It is a security precaution, as being in an elevator during an earthquake can be very dangerous.

Some elevators have an electronic sensor automatically built in which works in the same manner as described above. The sensor reacts automatically when it detects any seismic activity.

Looking a bit further, I did find a YouTube video where someone dared to press the button and this is what actually happened. Moral of the story. Don’t push the EARTHQUAKE button on the elevator (unless there is a real earthquake happening)!

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